Hidden Gems in Career Services - the Resource Library

Wednesday, 26 January 2011 11:06 by givler
Have you Encountered the Resource Library?

Go to JOB CENTER for this.  Look in JOB CENTER for that. 
We send you to your JOB CENTER account to do many things, but unless you spend a little more than the 10 seconds it takes to register for a workshop, sign-up for an interview, or look at a job posting, you may overlook some very important career information tucked away in JOB CENTER’s Resource Library! 

Let’s take a look at the contents of a few of the Library’s folders.
  • Cover Letters and Other Types of Correspondence and Resume Writing. Did you know you can find templates and examples of resumes and cover letters to help you create one of your own?
  • Conducting Your Job Search.  Here you will find help for marketing yourself in the best possible way.  There are tips on the best attire for making a good impression, suggestions on e-mail etiquette, best practices for navigating career fairs and the on-line application process. You will find a special section on marketing your liberal arts skills (there is also a liberal arts skills folder in the Resource Library), as well as your co-curricular experiences.  Check out some information about your rights and responsibilities as a job seeker while you are in this folder.
  • Internships / Research. In addition to the internship postings found in the Jobs & Internships tab, there are many other opportunities for obtaining valuable career experience. Would you like to discover, for example, what’s available at The Kennedy Center or The Metropolitan Museum of Art?  Or, perhaps you are more interested in opportunities with The Center for Reproductive Medicine at the Cleveland Clinic or with Dow AgroSciences?  The International Radio and Television Foundation Society or Pennsylvania Office of International Business Development?
  • Unique Opportunities.  Would you be interested in backpacking with a purpose?  If so, Operation Groundswell summer programs around the world may be just what you are seeking.  Or, are you looking to combine service and community living with your full-time job?  Take a look at what Sycamore House offers.
  • Salary Information. The NACE Salary Calculator Center is an easy-to-use compensation data resource. Access data for more than 1,000 occupations in 560 regions of the United States. Salary survey data sets are updated monthly.
There is plenty more to discover in the folders of the Resource Library.  Make it a practice to check it out regularly.