Resume Length and Interview Blunders - 2 recent articles

Wednesday, 24 March 2010 14:35 by gmiller

With last week’s post on the Do’s of Writing a Spectacular Cover Letter, I thought I’d post a few other articles that I’ve recently found.  Remember, there are many opinions out there on how to write a winning resume and cover letter, as well as the best techniques to master for an interview – the important thing is to make sound judgments on what works best for your particular set of qualifications in the specific field/industry/job you are applying for.  Gathering as much information as possible will help you be more informed.

‘How Long Should Your Resume Be? Expert advice and 5 tips for determining the right length’ 

‘50 Worst of the Worst (and Most Common) Job Interview Mistakes’

*These articles certainly are not the only ones out there on these topics and should not be taken as the final word-just things I happened to find and wanted to share!