MEF Streaming Video Collection

Bishop Library has started a subscription to a streaming video collection through the Media Education Foundation.  The MEF streaming video collection includes over 140 educational films about media, culture, and society available 24/7 on the Kanopy streaming platform.  Films can be used in classrooms to address such topics as gender studies, politics, debt & consumerism, race studies, and media studies & communication.  

Use the shared/embed option to link to videos on social media or embed them into Canvas. Please contact Lori Nyce, Systems & Electronic Services Librarian, at to get assistance with adjusting the link(s) for off-campus access.

Use the create clip/playlist option to add videos to a playlist that you save or share/embed.  The clip/playlist option requires you to login to the Kanopy streaming with either Facebook, Google, or by creating a free Kanopy account.

The MEF streaming video collection can be accessed from the library's database list located at  For supplementary materials & resources to use in the classroom, see the Media Education Foundation website at 





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Do you "Geek" Literature? You Could Win a Trendy Literary Tee.

Do you “Geek” Literature?  You could win a trendy literary tee at the Library's Geek&Greet event on Tuesday, Sept. 29 from 11am-12:30pm.   The literary tees feature books by Maya Angelou, F. Scott FitzGerald, Bram Stoker, Douglas Adams & Sir Arthur Conan Doyle.  You also have a chance to win the pop culture standees, featured in our previous blog posts, from Sherlock, Supernatural and Dr. Who.

We want to share our stories and hear from you at this event because like Maya Angelou tells us “there is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.” Library staff will be on hand to share information about things they are passionate about like hiking, games, tea, movies, Legos, Doctor Who, Sherlock Holmes, vinyl records, homebrewing, and travel. 

And remember if you don't win a prize, Stoker knows best….“we learn from failure, not from success!” 

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Brothers Winchester Investigate Ghosts at LVC

As many of you know, LVC has many ghosts. This phenomenon has been well documented by the SyFy series School Spirits, most notably the “little girl in Mary Green Hall.” After a recent sighting in the Library’s Frock conference room, staff called Sam and Dean Winchester to help. The brothers are currently researching the paranormal in the college archives, EMF meters at the ready. If you have experienced events you can’t explain, please attend the Library’s Geek&Greet on Tuesday, Sept. 29 from 11am-12:30pm and discuss the facts with Sam and Dean.


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Latin American Cinema in the Spotlight

Bishop Library is celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month from September 15 through October 15. This year we are spotlighting Latin American cinema. The films on display are just a sampling of the rich and diverse cultural styles present in Latin American filmmaking. The influence of these films in many cases has been far reaching. We encourage you to experience your own Latin American film festival this month.

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Tardis Sighting on Campus

Just back from a trip to E-space, the Tardis materialized in front of the library yesterday. Doctor Who is searching the top secret archival files concerning the history of daleks at LVC. Oops... I guess we gave that secret away! The Doctor is intrigued by the term “geek” and would like to attend the Library "Geek&Greet" event on Tuesday, September 29 from 11am-12:30pm. However, he will most likely be hiding from the daleks. Hopefully they won’t “exterminate!”  

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Get Your Geek On... Are You Sherlocked?

Direct from Baker Street, Sherlock arrived at Bishop Library last week. Since then he has been searching the stacks for clues about the highly anticipated Library "Geek&Greet" event on Tuesday, September 29 from 11am-12:30pm. He can be heard throughout the building, blurting out “Come, everyone, come! The game is afoot!” And indeed games will be afoot during the Geek&Greet. Games and prizes are all part of the plan, plus dessert, pop culture standees and much more.


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Swank Digital Campus - Streaming Movie Trial

Bishop Library is participating in a trial of Swank Digital Campus for the month of September.  Starting September 1st, the campus can access a collection of the top 100 most requested movies by colleges & universities.  During the trial, the Swank Digital Campus site can be accessed 24/7 both on and off campus using a desktop computer or laptop.   The trial site can be accessed from the library's database list or by using the link below:


Click Here to Enter Swank Digital Campus


System Requirements:  Your computer must have Microsoft Silverlight, a free browser plug-in, installed.   If your computer does not have Microsoft Silverlight installed, you will be prompted to install it in order to view the Swank Digital Campus site.  Swank Digital Campus is best viewed using the Internet Explorer or Firefox browser.  Other Internet browsers may not support the Microsoft Silverlight plug-in.

Feedback concerning Swank Digital Campus would be welcome.  Please send any comments or questions to Lori Nyce, Systems & Electronic Services Librarian.  

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