New Database: Statista

  Statista is an online statistics portal which gathers and makes accessible facts and statistics from thousands of sources.  Over 60,000 topics are covered from 10,000 sources including:

  • *trade publications
  • *market and opinion research institutions
  • *government sources
  • *business and economic databases
  • *reference books
  • *scientific publications
  • *daily press

Search by keyword to easily find all available statistics on a particular topic or browse by market category.  Filters are available to narrow down your search by data, region or industry. 

Statistics can be downloaded into PowerPoint presentations, Excel spreadsheets and/or JPG images.  Statistics include background information (sources and methodology) and cover various market sectors and international sources.

Statista also provides access to over 5,000 high quality studies, and statistical Dossiers on 1,000 of the most popular topics.  Dossiers provide complete PowerPoint presentations of statistics that can be downloaded.

Access Statista from the library's online database list located at

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