Second Floor Quiet Study Area

In response to suggestions for a quiet area study in the November 2010 Student Library Survey, we have designated the second floor as a location where individual study can occur in silence.  Please consider the purpose of your visit to the library and choose the appropriate area to utilize.  Students are encouraged to engage in group discussions in the Group Study Rooms on the Second Floor or on other floors of the library and avoid conversations on the second floor.  

How you can help?

  • Conversations taking place on the second floor should be brief and in low tones; extended conversations or discussions should be moved to another floor.  
  • Please be considerate of those around you, and if someone asks you to be quiet, please comply or move to another floor.
  • Cell phone conversations should be conducted outside of the building.
  • Group Study Room users should please keep in mind that the rooms are not soundproof. Please keep the door closed and limit conversations when entering or exiting the Group Study Rooms.  
  • We encourage self-policing. If someone is disturbing your quiet study, please remind them that the second floor is a Quiet Study Area. If the disturbance continues, please alert a library staff member at the Reference or Circulation Desk. Should disturbances continue, Public Safety may be called and the offending individual may be asked to leave the building.

The Library is a center for research and study on campus, and it is our goal to accommodate the various and often competing needs of the LVC community.  Your cooperation and understanding is welcomed and appreciated.

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