Kyra Van Leendert

Monday, 1 August 2011 19:50 by crm003


She is a very organized and hard working lady. Kyra is the CES secretary and is responsible for organizing cell phones, textbooks, and study trips for students. She helps the office run smoothly by taking care of all the small details that surround all the student programs. Kyra was recently hired last year and her work has kept CES happy of their hire! She is bubbly, smiling, and very enthusiastic. The morning person in her brings positivity and comfort that lasts throughout the entire day of work! In her free time she likes to shop for all sorts of stylish accessories but what she enjoys most is spending time with her niece Danche (Danielle).


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August 2. 2011 12:26

Hi darling!
Thanks for the kind wordsSmile


Miss you! Kyra

Kyra van Leendert